Day 53

A tangled web

February 21st, 2012

This underpass takes you to the East New York LIRR station on the Atlantic Branch, which you can see just across the road (the outer lane of Atlantic Avenue), beneath the arches that support the elevated center lanes of Atlantic Avenue. The Atlantic Branch, which runs underground on either side of this station, rises to street level here to allow another rail line, the Bay Ridge Branch, to pass beneath it. As if that weren't enough, you can also see the elevated tracks of the Canarsie Line (L train), which cross Atlantic Avenue just to the left of this photo (where the previous photo was taken), in the background. Take a look at a bird's-eye view to get a better sense of the area. (Things don't get any simpler at Broadway Junction, just north of here.)


  1. Joisy jeff says:

    And the toy slayer has left Cookie Monster alone. Hurray for Cookie Monster….Booo to trafic mess…

  2. tom says:

    I remember this tunnel all too well from going through it to reach the LIRR station- scary place at early or late hours

  3. RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

    From what I have seen from your pictures and etc. new york, has as much concrete underground as it does

    above ground. I guess they have to have all the tunnels or else it would be bad for all these people trying

    to get to their destinations above ground. I have heard it said on news that at any given time there are

    close to million people underground.

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