Day 62

4th Avenue

March 1st, 2012

Built in the 1920s, this faux-Tudor-ish demi-castle was one of many apartment buildings in Bay Ridge (known as Yellow Hook until an outbreak of yellow fever prompted a name change in the 1850s) constructed to house the influx of hoi polloi that came with the opening of the 4th Avenue subway in 1915 (prior to that, Bay Ridge was known mainly as a scenic spot for the wealthy to build opulent summer homes along the bay).

Also, as it happens, I used to live in this building. One time I had to pay a visit to the landlord, Kinsor Management. The boss wasn't in that day, so I sat in his office briefly to fill out some paperwork. Nearby was a poster that featured a landlord-looking guy on the phone, talking to a tenant. The tenant was apparently complaining about the temperature in his apartment, because the landlord's response, printed in a text bubble on the photo, was something along the lines of: "You want me to turn up the heat? FUCK YOU!"


  1. Michael from Atlanta says:

    LOLOL. Is your window visible in the picture?

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