Day 76

Awaiting the wrecking ball

March 15th, 2012

Built in 1941-42, this was originally Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, whose membership comprised hundreds of Danish immigrants. The congregation dwindled as the demographics of the area changed, and, to serve a growing number of Arab Lutherans in Bay Ridge, the church was handed over to a Palestinian pastor in the mid-1990s and rechristened Salam Arabic Lutheran Church, making it the first such church in the US. But this congregation, too, was cash-strapped, and, in late 2010, the synod decided to sell the church to a developer who plans to tear it down and build an apartment building in its place. Sound familiar?

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  1. Joseph says:

    The same thing happened in my old neighborhood. There was a Catholic church over a hundred years old, huge and a beautiful work of art. Then it was sold to put up a low income housing unit that is rife with Marijuana use, and is even where a tenant died from smoking a PCP laced joint.

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