Day 83

East River waterfront

March 22nd, 2012


  1. Monica Camargo Neves says:

    Keep walking and you´ll always be free…

  2. Forrest says:

    Why aren’t you running, tard?

  3. moli says:

    Love what you are doing here- very creative idea! I enjoyed reading your photo blog, too. I am sure the great pics only capture a small part of all the fantastic things you have seen and coll people you have met. I have a desk job, which I enjoy very much, but what you are doing must be very freeing. I made a donation, so keep up the good walk :)

    • jon says:

      like your comment moli. can relate except for the fact that i have a desk job too – but that i could do without, but can’t. i admire this project beyond words… can anybody else relate to this?: neil young just announced he is puttling out an album with crazy horse called americana. all covers of classic american folksongs including This land is your land. this on woody guthries 100th birthday. Matts project somehow ties this together for me… blows me away

  4. Anne says:

    Hi Matt! This is so awesome. You are walking the Earth, like Caine from Kung Fu. I really dig what you’re doing and where you’re coming from. I hope I can find a project like the ones you’ve done for myself, and the guts to do it. Best of luck on your journey! Peace, Anne

  5. Glenda Moore says:

    That orange palm tree – is that one of those “camouflage the cell phone tower” things?

  6. Alison says:

    Fab project and photos. I’ve just returned to UK from NYC – if I’d known I’d have inflicted my company on you for a couple of hours, even though you’re less than half my age!! I was in Brooklyn, near Greenwood Cemetery. Keep on walkin’, dude.

  7. Karin says:

    You are actually making me consider liking NYC! Love your photos and humor and historical notes. Being from the West Coast (yup, near Rockaway Beach in Oregon – well….actually Portland) I think it is instilled in us at birth to remember we are WEST COAST people, and if you cross the Mississippi, you are too far from home! I disobeyed it all; having now lived in Ireland, Greece and the Czech Republic. It is amazing how many people from Euroupe have proudly announced they have travelled to America, and when queried where exactly, the answer is always “New York City”! They love it! So, Matt, seeing it through your eyes, has made me want to come and experience your wonderful city. You are a fantastic ambassador and tourist agent. Thank you so much.

    now in Prague

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