Day 86

This must be some kind of mirror trick

March 25th, 2012


  1. Frances says:

    The way I have trouble finding my way around, I’d get lost looking for my own house.

  2. tom says:

    not a good place to live if you are prone to binge drinking- make take days to find the right apartment!

  3. Thomas says:

    I’m glad tom said the exact same thing I was thinking. Or if you have some other cognitive impairment.

  4. Carlee in Canada says:

    what incredible depth of field !! what camera are you using, Matt?

    • Brixton Dan says:

      I’d been wondering about the camera too – these are great pictures, and given the nature of the project, it’s got to be reasonably small. Maybe a brief note on the camera in the “About the Project” page?

    • Matt Green says:

      It’s an old, weather-beaten Motorola Droid smartphone. It has plenty of flaws, and can be quite frustrating at times, but it has its moments, too.

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