Day 86

While you’re waiting…

March 25th, 2012

I'm currently a bit behind in getting my photos online. In the meantime, if you're new to the site, you may be interested in reading the (very long) final post I wrote about my walk across the US — my thoughts one year after the completion of that trip.


  1. Jeannine says:

    Great article in the New York Times on the 23rd, Matt!

  2. Eddy Robinson says:

    The World and NYC is full of good stuff. You just have to take a minute to stop and look for it. Walk on Matt! Thanks for what your doing for yourself and the world around you. Hats off to NYT for covering this story. Big smiles for all. While passing we stopped in at the Caboose in Rockaway beach to say “hello”.

  3. Jason Eppink says:

    This gets existential very fast.

  4. Gigi says:

    My first thought was “Whoa! What happened to Matt’s site?” when I saw the pic above. Then I noticed that there are only 4 comments instead of the 904. Take your time, Matt, we will be here looking forward to the next batch of pics and the great links you provide. It would be great to go over to your US walk site again and see the pics and read the comments. I’m still waiting for that book, you know. I think a lot of us are.

  5. Karin J says:

    As an artist, nothing inspires me more than getting out and observing life. You’re an inspiration Matt. Happy trails to you.

  6. tom says:

    I remember that day very well. hope you enjoyed the gum my nephew gave you on the beach

  7. DeletedCommentsDuncan says:

    I found your website through the NYTimes article. I remember when you walked through LaCrosse, Wisconsin, when you walked across the USA. I now live in Fargo, Nd, which I think you might’ve walked through as well. I will check out the other site and see. I’m glad to see your still walking. Good luck.

  8. Tom P. says:

    Story in the NYTimes was terrific. The daily information you provide on the City is awesome, good luck and keep walking!

  9. Christine says:

    Hi- I saw the article about you in the NYT yesterday. I spend a lot of time walking through my hometown, Chicago, and I have have lobg wanted to walk across the US. While I can make that journey anytime soon, I am delighted to help support you on yours. Best of luck!

  10. Donald says:

    Hi, Matt. I too read about you in the New York Times article. I hope to follow your progress. Good luck.

  11. RuthE says:

    I love this website. I love the pictures and the comments. I learn something new everyday. Thank You Matt, and all of you who take the time to comment.

  12. Cathy K says:

    Loved the article in the Sunday Times. I live in Florida, but love New York and am looking forward to following your journey, and seeing the sites I don’t get to see on vacations. Way to go!

  13. Joyce says:

    Loved your story in the NY Times! Have been viewing your photos and various sites where taken. You passed very close to my school in Elmhurst and discovered something I did not know was so close by – homeless sleeping bag site on a side street. Amazing the little details that you see!

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