Day 89

I think

March 28th, 2012

this poster is advertising a debate to be held on whether or not Israel should attack Iran. Can anyone confirm or reject my hypothesis?

REJECTED: See comments.


  1. Noam Gal says:

    I don’t read Yiddish, but with reading the Hebrew script, and some words from here and there, I think it’s an ad for a film or a play/show called “In a bunker in Iran”. For ages 6 and up in Sunday in Passover, (It should be April 8th).
    Or something like that…

    I might even make it to the show, landing in NYC on the 7th. Though I don’t think I’ll bother. :-)

  2. bee bee says:

    First of all, thank you for the wonderful pictures! I feel like I am getting a live tour of the different neighborhoods of NYC. Noam is correct, it is a play being shown for boys in the intermediate days of passover.

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