Day 46

When it opens like this, up is not over

February 14th, 2012

That's the title of this series of photos displayed along a corrugated metal fence on Vernon Boulevard beneath the Queensboro Bridge. The description of this work (copied from a sign mounted on the fence) is a wonderful example of overblown artspeak:

Six photographs transpose the concealed environment behind the fence onto its face. These images of the existing environment were then re-photographed with cut emergency blankets and blue latex gloves captured in a falling state, suggesting precipitation, celebration and elusiveness — a fictive space. Neither the images nor the scene can ever be viewed in entirety, partially obscured by the flurry.


  1. Justin Bower says:

    I couldn’t agree more re: overblown artspeak. I tend to think that the overall value, subjective though it may be, of any piece of art is, almost universally, inversely proportional to the amount of adjectives the artist needs to use to describe it.

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