Day 54

Franklin Avenue

February 22nd, 2012

As depicted on a construction wall mural. You can see a SkyWatch tower in this mural (three in three days!). You can even see the construction wall in this mural. In fact, you can see this mural in this mural! (It's the one all the way to the right, next to the dog-and-cat panel.) The artist cut off the right side of the mural-within-the-mural, however, eliminating the need to paint an infinite regress. Check it all out on Street View.

UPDATE: This mural is even cooler than I thought!


  1. Dad says:

    I left Brooklyn (and NYC) 41 years ago. If all these murals had been there back then, I might never have left.
    Taking a long walk is almost better than visiting an art museum. There, pictures are on a wall, away from the environments where they were created. But here, they’re just a part of where you are.
    I, for one, think most of the murals on your blog are pretty amazing. (Even some of the odder ones, which may not be as artistic, but make up for it by being strange. And some of them are mighty strange.)

  2. tom says:

    sad how nyers have so easily adapted to being watched 24/7!

  3. tna says:

    lol…I like my art in frames where you can move it to the basement when you tire of it…just like the Louvre.

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