Day 59

Franklin Avenue, revisited

February 27th, 2012

There is a subtle feature of this mural that I missed when I first reported on it. I mentioned that the artist, Jason Das, avoided having to paint an infinite regress by cutting off the right side of his mural-within-a-mural. What I didn't notice was that he did this in an extremely clever way. As you can see here, his mural is slightly obscured by the panel to the right. If you look at the upper left side of that panel, you'll notice that Mr. Das actually extended his mural onto it, painting a smaller version of that panel on the panel itself. So the part of his mural that obstructs the edge of the mural-within-the-mural (preventing the infinite regress) is also the object that obstructs his mural in real life! Brilliant! (Although now we should see an infinite regress on that adjacent panel, I suppose...)


  1. Jeremy says:

    Im not sure I’m following.

  2. Jeremy says:

    My head hurts

  3. tna says:

    just move a little to my left….the kitty head….^..^

  4. Kathy says:

    Very cool observations.

  5. You musta been a Physics teacher in a former life Matt.

  6. Jason Das says:

    Just stumbled on these posts while looking for pics of my mural.

    Glad you found it, glad you like it! I’m proud to be a part of your wonderful project.

    The mural came down a few months ago, unfortunately (though many of its neighbors are still up), when the lot was purchased and some “improvements” were made to the fence.

    I am keeping it safe for now, through the courtesy of a neighborhood nonprofit. It’s not the easiest thing to store, though. If anyone has a suggestion for a permanent home, please do get in touch.

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