Day 60

Ms. Brucia’s 7th graders

February 28th, 2012

Benita Brucia, a teacher at St. Mary Gate of Heaven School in Ozone Park, wrote to me back in January asking if I would come talk to her class whenever I happened to walk by. Well, today was whenever! Her kids were shockingly well-behaved, asked lots of good questions, and sent me off with a bag full of parting gifts (some of which I am eating as we speak).


  1. Glenda Moore says:

    That is just way cool!

  2. Lizzie K says:

    SO Awesome! (Also, I’m glad to hear that you’re eating)

  3. Jeff in Joisy says:

    God is calling Matt!! Ha first baked goods of the trip I assume.

    Catholic schools….Close to my heart I would say. Glad you stopped by. I bet they got a good lesson on the kindness of people. Stay well Matt.

  4. (Student) says:

    This was very fun! Thanks for coming!

  5. Such Balram says:


  6. sonia says:

    omg wow miss.brucia she was my 8th grade teacher year 2009 omg I miss her and SBJL

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