Day 86

Burning chametz

March 25th, 2012

Prohibited during Passover, chametz is traditionally removed from one's possession, and often destroyed, before the start of the holiday. Passover doesn't begin for almost two weeks, but perhaps this gentleman is about to leave town for a while and won't have an opportunity to do this later.

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  1. Lee says:

    Hello. Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather today. Did you get to learn at all about what this burning of chametz symbolizes? חמץ (notice the three hebrew letters) means “leavened”, and refers to the puffed-up or swollen nature of the bread, and in turn, the way one’s ego can swell up with pride. Passover tells the story of how the ruler of ancient Egypt had so much pride, such a full ego, that he failed to perceive the injustice he was inflicting on the ancient Hebrews. During Passover, חמץ is burned and instead we eat חמץ or matzah (the same three letters that you see in the word chametz, are re-arranged to depict the opposite of a swollen ego or pride, which is humility). So really, what is happening here is the symbolic rendering of humility’s triumph over egotism. Walking is humble, and I wish you a Happy Passover, albeit early. Feel free to join my family at our informal and fun seder if you wish to walk on Pine Street near the NY Stock Exchange that Saturday evening.

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